VAST-tech has over 10 years of experience servicing the PC peripherals industry with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing),
ODM (Own Designing Manufacturing) and JDM(Joint Design Manufacturing) services.

We can assist you in any phase of your project, including technical support in the early conceptual phase,
partner to finalize development and mass production. 

Design and Consultation
Your project begins with a consultation with one of our expert OEM teams. Our design team specializes in the following services:
► Electronics Circuit Design
► ID Design
► Mechanical Design

Hardware Prototyping
After the proposal and specifications are approved, the next phase is hardware prototyping.  We will provide mock up samples for evaluation and make sure the hardware configurations have been tested and approved.

Our production team provides the efficient and flexible manufacturing service to meet customers’ demand.  In order to increase customers’ trust, we have started to carry out ISO-9001 quality control since 2002.

Our technical support team is one of our greatest strengths. Vast-tech has 1 to 3 Year warranty services to ensure the highest quality throughout the entire OEM process.